Vidsnatcher 2.0 Pro Editor’s Suite : Brilliant Video Editor

September 21, 2021 1 Min read Views 178 TECH

” Brilliant\\\” Video Editor Makes Creating \\\” Train & Explain\\\” Videos A Breeze, With Mobile Recording & Screen Capture Technology.

Capture Video Anytime, Anywhere With NEW Mobile Recording Capabilities

Complete Blank Canvas Editor for limitless possibilities

Updated User-interface for smooth, fast, flexible video editing

Perfect for creating E-learning Video Courses & Tutorials

Jam-Packed with Must-Have Video Editing Features

Built-In Text-To-Speech Engine with Language Translator

Cloud-Based for Maximum Compatibility on All Operating Systems

Automatic Transfer of Mobile Recording to Your Media Library

Sell ANY Video you Create For 100% Profit (Commercial License Included)

Screen and Live Voice Recording

Unlimited Projects at A Low One-Time Fee

Train And Teach Engaged Users


Create And Sell Online

Courses For 100% Profit!

Charge Top Dollar

For Video Editing Services!

Translate Old Videos To Any Language

And Reach New Customers!

Easy Learning Curve,

No Editing Skills Required

Create Video Content Your Viewers Will Love, Engage, And Interact With

Mobile Recording

– Record videos with any mobile device with VidSnatcher 2.0 PLUS iOS and Andriod screen records.


Mobile Uploads

– Mobile recordings are instantly ready for editing in your dashboard.

Screen Capture

– Record your entire screen, a region, window, and tab PLUS full page scrolling screenshots (panoramic capture).

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